And I saw him again

And I saw him again

And I saw him again
Memories of the smiles came ashore
I was not dreaming
His voice, his face, his whole
Stood ringing in me and before me
In awe of everything good
It was very short
Few minutes of great laughter
My heart spoke volumes
Then it ached greatly
When I had to say goodbye
Then i knew I had a message
To tell of the wrongs in the rights
I knew I had to say like now,
How the sweet went sour
I counted the truths I didn’t tell
I counted the pictures I had shown
Then I knew it all had a root,
The less a person I saw in me
I didn’t think I could measure
In notes and properties, eyes could see
My father had no name known to the world
Nor things to amaze the heroes
How could I tell of the house I claimed
That it ceased to be ours six years ago,
How could I tell how sad I had been
That they dropped the pen I was yet to pick
I couldn’t tell of the shame,
How they ran and I crawled
But then I got the greatest shock
When he said there was no us
I died several times and rose
Though now am still weak in strength
My feet are shaky
My heart won’t obey
That’s why I still can’t say bye
As much as posterity says I should
I wish for a second chance
For now, his face’s my inspiration

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