I'm ogonna Juliet nnamani

A wife, and mother who

Emotions in writing

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I'm ogonna Juliet Nnamani

A wife, a mother who Express

her deepest Emotions in

Express her deepest

Writing and reading.

My book
Gallows of Rainbow

Uyo Ameh, a Nigerian student seeking a fresh start in Sweden, is haunted by a horrifying past. Once an innocent victim of a heinous crime, she now stands at the crossroads of vengeance and redemption. When she uncovers a hidden truth not meant for her ears, she is thrust deeper into a world of darkness and despair. Fueled by a desire for retribution, Uyo plots to avenge the wrongs done to her, even if it means taking matters into her own hands.

My book

When Uzoma left her home in Nigeria to study in Sweden, she wasn’t prepared for just how lonely she would be. Over the course of her studies, the racial biases and casual discrimination she is faced with became a steady occurrence.

My book
Compelled To Wed

Elizabeth slaps a stranger and now she’s compelled to marry him! Will their misunderstandings, quarrels and banter tear them apart or will they find a way to live together and discover love?

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About me

I'm Ogonna Juliet Nnamani, the second child of my parents, a wife and a mother of 3. At an early stage, my siblings and I were forced to read story books because of  our mother’s love for novels and our father’s proclivity for education. “Reading storybooks will help you build your vocabulary”, my father would often say. I tried to finish all storybooks purchased by my father each holiday just to gain his approval.

At age 8, I began expressing my sad and uncomfortable feelings as poems, poems no one in my family was ready to read. My father termed it an “unforgiving spirit” for a child to express hurtful things in poems rather than simply forgetting them. During my secondary school days, I would secretly take my mother’s romance novels to read and soon developed a penchant for romance novels. For me, life is about love and reading love stories provides the necessary escape from the harsh realities of life. When inspired, I would pen down my thoughts and emotions and I have since written a number of short stories and poems. 

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Choices is a great book. At the hearing of the name, i thought i was going to read another motivational story but what i found in the first pages of this beautiful novel was so captivating i couldn't bring myself to stop reading until i was done. The author was meticulous, well researched and captured the multicultural dimensions with so much graphical representation that makes a reader feel he or she is living with each character he or she may identify with in the story. It is a great book by all standards and if you haven't read it then i encourage you to grab a copy and i would be hear to read your review as well. Cheers!!!

Mawulolo Heartwill

An interesting tale of the meeting between two unique cultures revealing not only the cultural shocks and biases, but also the challenges of interpersonal and intercultural communication. In a unique style, the author highlights the core values of the two cultures as well as the beauty in diversity.

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