In Love We Glow

As I look unto my night sky pals,
I feel the gloom in your heart
Soaking it all up
With your might and body
Wishing to be anywhere but there
60 minutes seem 60 hours
And you stretch and bend backwards
Oh, your body so aches
You look up the sky wondering
How much longer will I do this
You try to crack up jokes
And play tomorrow in your head
How lovely it will certainly be
If only you stick on
You finished it with me
The flowers and wonderful parks
The springs and falls and cruise
The heart of the sea you reach for
Pearls to pour at my feet
Because you wish to see me hearty
To bring the world at my door
Your dreams, the ladder you wish to climb
Oh my king,
I know and feel it all
So my tears pour for you
At your pains and labour
At your zeal and sweat
There is no stopping you
I wish to tread that zone with you
Join my hands with yours and start up
But I have some war to wage
The very reason I still breath
I do not know where our ship would lie
As I stretch to burn a trail
I hope I’d find you
That sky or land, our hearts will beat
I hope the purity of the glow in you
Will lighten the tunnel and never go dark
That amidst this storm, our love will win
I pray thee remember,
Your acts and lips said all
And I bought every piece of it
So despite what I relay,
I know the truth, the sincerity in you
Never forget, I laughed because of you
In love we glow

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