There’s always a tomorrow

Many promises you’ve heard and read
Many dreams you’ve hoped for
You thought you had it all figured out
Then life drops some bitter spill
Suddenly your efforts become nothing
But your hope lived
You doubled your efforts
There should be light at the end
You confessed many bright words
Said same to many
Then with all your strength you climbed
Putting your palms together as you do
Cause He has to be involved
He controls the universe
Many nights you stretched
Hoping it will all pay off
That someday you’ll be just there
Then just when you saw a glint,
You find yourself under again
Sitting now in the quiet of the night
You wonder at life and hope
Counting the parts you know
You realize,
You’re nothing but the pot
And many choices ain’t really in your hands
Ray says you can’t ask
He is the potter
It’s his choice how he made you
But remember this
You can still glow
Steve Jobs did
The least will be the first
Stories change one night
There’s always a tomorrow
And I’ll write about it

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