His Ploy

He hastened. He had the pride of a peacock. His connection with the government made him feel like the world was at his feet. He used that to get all the attention in class. Girls were but a piece of clothing he’d do well to change at intervals. But this one had resisted him. She was a foreigner. She knew nothing about him nor the position his father held and if she did, she hadn’t been subdued by it.

He continued his quest, he knew his way with clothes so they were seconds before he got them off her. He would have gotten down to the business of the moment but her breasts were so inviting. Not so big, full. He helped himself with his hand on one and with his mouth on the other. Then he tasted her lips, little and warm. He let his hand run through her skin. He’d never been with a black. He didn’t fancy them. To him, they were dirty, uncircumcised, and much less, humans who lived off other people. She was therefore his first.

He continued his sojourn. He had no time. His parents would be home at any moment. He wasn’t sure they would appreciate the presence of this dark reflection in their home. He’d never seen anyone from that category visit their home before. Yet he found himself admiring this skin. Smooth, ebony, slippery like an oily surface. He took her. Filled her with himself. Savored the moment. Then it ended, too quickly. The sensation was different so he couldn’t last any longer as he gave in to the bliss.

He must tidy her up now. No one must know. He wasn’t her first so she shouldn’t know. She was still sleeping soundly. He checked his wristwatch. She should be up now. He had only added a little to her drink. She wasn’t supposed to sleep so long. He waited. He was running out of patience. If she wasn’t so daring, so bold, and always opposing him, he thought. If they weren’t placed in the same group, if she wasn’t so curved and with that smile, he wouldn’t have feasted on her. Not that curves were ever his thing, there was just something about her. He wouldn’t admit he was attracted to…a black.

She opened her eyes. She knew that instant as she looked around the room. She was calm and didn’t utter a word. She stared at him, deep into his eyes. He must have thought her a fool but she would show him how much of a fool she really was. He must have planned this day carefully. She would pay him back in his coin. She would show him the venom of a woman, of a black woman. It had become a game, he had made his move it was time for hers but like tiger, she would study her prey and then attack.

She picked up her bag and smiled again as she walked away while he watched heartily. All had gone as he planned. If only he knew the tale of the eagle, chicks, and duckling, he’d know why the eagle feared the silent duck and why he ignored the wailing hen.

The game had really begun, and you should learn about it

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