Married men’s pleasure home!

“There’s nothing as sweet as a young succulent campus girl especially on a Friday night”, a married man once said. Whether he’s right or wrong, the decision is yours. When asked the reason for his declaration, he disclosed the seemingly general problems most married men encounter. First he talked about the issue of one woman. “Variety is the spice of life”, he said, “it is not easy to have sex with just one woman for the rest of your life”.

This is contrary to the general believe about monogamy. But then, this is Africa, and polygamy is allowed. One would think that any man who is not satisfied with one woman should simply marry another. The man went further to analyze what he called “a typical Nigerian wife”. According to him, most women once married, neglect themselves. Some get fatter, others tend to loose their sense of dressing and therefore appear less appealing. Some of them nag so much that they rub their homes of peace. These make men seek solitude in the hands of the “young succulent campus girls”.

Let’s say the men are justified, but does that change the immoralities and consequences that follow? The big question is, “why campus girls”? Nigerian Universities have become trade centers for the exchange of sexual pleasure for money and other goods. Campus girls are at their prime time. They are said to appear “inviting”. They know the latest trends in most things. When it comes to dancing, they do the moves. It is said that if you take a smart and trendy campus girl to a party, you’ll make your day. Not only will you feel proud, but you would have eased the weight on your shoulder at the end.

Campus girls are also said to know the latest sexual styles added to their young vibrant age, they give the best performance in bed. Attracting right? But think about this, if you have a daughter in the university who plays relaxation toy to other married men even those as old as you are, would you be glad? Why would girls sent to school to create a better future for themselves live such descending and immoral lives? Money, assets, fame, and fun. Some desire money because they truly lack and have deep family pitiful situations. But does that justify the act?

Others desire assets like apartments, holiday trips, cars, and beautiful things that tickle their fancy. The main thing is to belong. Some wish to acquire experience, others just enjoy the freedom they can only have in school. It can all be summed up as prostitution. The chain of campus girls and married men relationships has led to an alarming rate of prostitution. One could argue the involvement of single men. Well, those in that category could argue that they are simply trying to build relationships with the girls involved for a choice of life partner. Besides, it has been revealed that married men spend more on these girls than single men trying to build their future. The menace of prostitution requires a joint effort to reduce its mounting evils. Prostitution is the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment. Both the party paying and that being paid are guilty of the crime. The adage “an old woman never gets too old for a dance she is accustomed to” remains true with body pleasures. Body glands keep producing hormones. The men who troop into the campuses daily to satisfy their lusts and the girls who gladly make themselves available to revive the tissues of these men, who should be blamed?

If you think that the girls should be blamed, then do something to caution the campus girl closest to you. If you are a parent, bear in mind that the girl being defiled could be your daughter. If you are a married man and a member of this group, remember, as you defile another person’s daughter, yours could be a victim too. If you think the men are to be blamed and you are a wife, do something to maintain peace at home. Make your house a home. It is said that a house is made up of bricks and stones but a home is made up of people and love. Draw your man home. Make him realize that you are still hot, sexy, and more succulent than the campus girls. If you let your man loose, you will reap the fruits together.

If you are a campus girl, don’t you think you deserve to be more than a sex toy? The men can never pay enough for you to give your blood to revive their worn-out tissues. You have a future ahead of you, they have lived theirs and are out to ruin yours. Nothing lasts longer than it can. The more you have, the more you will desire and the less you appreciate. A little patience can get you where you want to be. Hard work still pays.

But if you think the parties are justified, then let the products of their actions justify your belief. Don’t forget, the pleasure at home satisfies only temporary. James Patterson’s four glass ball and one plastic ball teaches us that integrity, family, friendship, and health are glass balls, when dropped, would shatter forever while a job which is a rubber ball, will bounce back when it drops. Think family, think love, think health, think integrity, and think life before the pleasure home!

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